Around The World in Milan

GROHE is proud to be a partner of the consortium of the German Pavilion at the Milan EXPO

The World Fair goes back a long way. The inaugural staging of the showcase opened its doors in London as far back as 1851. From the first, Eichelberg (later belonging to GROHE) stepped up as an exhibitor with a product presentation. Whereas the early fairs were devoted to industrial goods and handcrafted wares, the thematic focus of the exhibition has changed over the years. Contemporary expos tackle global issues, offering pioneering solutions. In this tradition, the upcoming event bannered “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” aims to address the world’s immense nutritional challenges.

Proposals will be presented on securing drinking water supplies and food quality without losing sight of the need to protect ecosystems, conserve and distribute resources as well as revive traditional foods. And it’s not just in terms of content that the expo is charting a new course. It is also being redefined conceptually and architecturally. Those behind the event have called their decision not to erect permanent prestige buildings as a “clear paradigm shift”. Instead, the showcase has been systematically designed as a “sustainable AgroFood park. The German Pavilion, too, promises to provide plenty of inspiring visions along with tangible proposals and food for thought – all intended to spur visitors into action and rethinking old ideas. Spread across just under 5,000 square metres, the pavilion’s authentic solutions and interactive scenarios aim to raise awareness for the power of nature.

The concept behind the German “Field of Ideas” pavilion is marked by a careful meshing of exhibition space and content. Sprouting up from the exhibition space are stylised plant-like structures that form a protective leafy canopy over the turnout. These “idea seedlings” are not only the pavilion’s key design element but also the connecting link between architecture and exhibition, interior and exterior. Local woods will define the overall aesthetic, the material’s warmth inviting visitors to linger – notto mention German cuisine, which is also sure to entice visitors to stay a while. Refreshed by the national fare enjoyed at leisure in the restaurants and picnic areas, visitors can embark on a fascinating journey through areas devoted to water, soil, climate and biodiversity. Inside the pavilion, the themes addressed run the gamut from sources of nutrition through food production to consumption in urban societies. Exhibits and displays will spotlight Germany’s fresh-thinking approach to meeting tomorrow’s dietary needs.

Part of the immersive experience in the German Pavilion will be an innovative SeedBoard that accompanies each visitor on their personal journey through the exhibition, fostering lively engagement in the planting of their own “Field of Ideas”. In addition to serving as a screen for text, images, films and games, it can also be used to initiate and navigate exhibits. The SeedBoard turns a visit to the pavilion into a profoundly personal adventure that also makes a compelling case for Germany’s fascinating technology.

GROHE is equally committed to creating meaningful product experiences. So it’s appropriate that the sanitary fittings in the German Pavilion will be high-quality GROHE products. The exciting interplay of design and environmental protection at Expo 2015 offers the perfect opportunity for the company to bring its core philosophy to life. For GROHE, sustainability and conserving resources mean taking responsibility for the well-being of the planet and its people by systematically tackling ecological challenges.